Chapter 1410

“Okay! If you can do it, then I’ll forgive you.” Layla stretched her hand and pulled the hook with her.

On the other side, Mrs. Scarlet hugged Shea tightly.

“Shea, do you know how sad I am when you die? Do you know how sad your brother is? You are still alive, why didn’t you tell us earlier?” Mrs. Scarlet let go of her and looked at her carefully, ” you lost so much weight and suffered a lot, right?”

Shea explained, “I got sick. I almost died. Big Brother Adrian saved me.”

“You are not allowed to mess around in the future. It’s not good, how can you draw so much blood? You don’t take care of your body like this. Do you know how uncomfortable your brother is?”

Shea lowered her head, took Mrs. Scarlet’s hand, and shook it: “I know I’m wrong. When my brother comes back, I’ll apologize to him.”

Mrs. Scarlet hugged her tightly again: “Shea, it’s fortunate that you’re okay. You’re okay…”

“Well, Mrs. Scarlet, Look at my brother.” Shea stretched out her hand and pulled Adrian to her side, “His name is Adrian, he’s my brother. He is very kind to me.”

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