Chapter 169 

Elliot thought to himself, If she agrees to it, I sincerely want to care for her and Jared forever. I don’t mind not having my own child in this lifetime.

At that moment, Anastasia was busy chopping up some vegetables, but she was careless and cut herself. The pain she felt made her wince and she was close to tears. Even the vegetables were stained with droplets of bright-red blood and it was quite a horrifying scene. It was only then that she realized that it was quite a deep cut that she had suffered.

Instantly, she placed her finger under running water. As she looked at the blood still trickling from her wound, she suddenly recalled that she had a first-aid kit, so she took a kitchen towel and wrapped it around her finger before heading out of the kitchen. She then turned to Elliot, who was currently in a squatting position on the ground, and asked, “President Presgrave, could you please help me get the first-aid kit? I just cut myself.”

As soon as she said that, Jared-initially busy with his presents—and Elliot, who was by Jared’s side, instantly rushed over to her. Elliot anxiously asked, “Where’s the first aid kit?”

“It’s underneath that cupboard.”

“Mommy, let me have a look. There’s so much blood!” Jared was frantic as he shouted, “Mr. Presgrave, hurry up and help Mommy!”

Elliot opened the first-aid kit and retrieved the crepe bandage from the box. Then, Anastasia removed the towel wrapped around her wound, causing the cut to become exposed to the air. She had suffered a cut to her left index finger at the part connecting to her fingernail, so there were plenty of blood vessels there. It would likely take some time to stop the bleeding.

“Why were you so clumsy?” Elliot’s expression was full of worry and there was a slightly pained look in his eyes.

suffer a cut to the finger for one who’s used to cooking.” Anastasia was quite calm as this was

Does that mean she has a lot of past experiences with cutting

bringing up Jared

Jared was

close to Nigel. It must be because he provided her with a lot of help over the two years


did Nigel help you in many ways?” Elliot looked at her and


response, Anastasia nodded.

I take the time to get to know her earlier? He had focused his efforts on helping Francis and he had assumed that everyone in the Tillman Family would obviously have a great life if Francis was doing well. However, Elliot’s recent investigations had uncovered that she had left the Tillman Family ages ago and brought up her child by herself overseas. She hardly kept in contact

out for dinner. Take a break from cooking tonight.” Elliot finished

of how cost-conscious Anastasia was, so he didn’t want

that she couldn’t possibly cook in such a state, so she nodded. “Sure, let’s go to a nearby

her finger and he blew at it comfortingly. At that point,

head. “No, it

Jared was quite skeptical. “Mommy, you should take a break from cooking for the time being. We can

ruffled Jared’s hair as he

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