In her dream, Yannie vaguely heard Thomas saying he had a three–month–old baby, but she could not remember anything else. After all, she was dog–tired. 

It was 8 p.m. when Yannie finally woke up from her sleep. The first thing that popped into her head was her dream about Thomas telling Hugo he was a father to a three–month–old baby. 

She rubbed her throbbing head, but she could not tell if it was a dream or if she overheard it during her sleep when Thomas and Hugo were talking. 

After much thinking, she decided to go ask Thomas. 

When she got out of bed, she realized she had been sleeping on Thomas‘ bed. She clearly remembered falling asleep on the sofa in the mansion! 

Did Hugo have someone else carry her upstairs after seeing how tired she wasNonetheless, Thomas had arranged a room for her ever since he requested her to stay in the mansion. If Hugo wanted to send her to the room, he should have sent her back to her room instead. 

Moreover, her room was on the first floor, and Thomas‘s room was on the second floor. There was no way to mix things up! 

mind was a mess. It was impossible for her

happened, and she should leave the room before Thomas returned back. She did not want the egoistic man to think

she quickly walked to the door and wanted to leave, only to

handle‘s reflection. The only thing she was wearing were her lacy bra and panties. Her slender and fair legs

belly. For a minute,

belly. Her heart was in pain.

her belly, she would have forgotten she was once a mother.

All that… 

back to haunt her. Her pregnancy news was all over the city, while the belly she fought hard to hide during the advertisement

at how uncertain her future seemed.

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