Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 906 He Is Moved

Hearing Jared's words, Amber nodded. "That's good. Anyway, you still have us. We won't take you as a substitute for

anyone. So don't think too much, okay?”

She looked at him.

Looking at the serious look on the woman's face, Jared felt warm in his heart. He touched the woman's soft cheek and said

gently, “Okay, I understand.”

“That's good. Will you still be sad?" Amber put her hand on the back of his hand which was stroking her cheek and asked.

Jared shook his head and said, “no, I'm not sad, because you said that I have you.”

He just felt painful, angry, and sad when he first knew that her mother took him as Connor's substitute.

That was his mother.

But after the anger, he gradually calmed down.

He began to understand that although his mother treated him as a substitute, she had passed away nearly twenty years


He didn't want to argue with a person who had passed away for so long.

But he couldn't vent his anger, so he had to put all the anger on Connor.

Whether Connor knew that he was a substitute or not, he wouldn't let Connor go.

If something was wrong, someone must take responsibility. Since his mother died, the person who should take the

responsibility should naturally be Connor.

After figuring it out, his anger was relieved a lot, and the bad emotions in his heart gradually disappeared.

Even if he couldn't figure it out, he wouldn't keep angry for so long and would quickly caim himself down.

He couldn't let Amber worry about him. His anger would frighten her and make her uneasy.

Besides, she had been comforting him. He couldn't let her down.

Thinking of this, Jared stroked Amber's face more gently. He wanted to remember this face in his mind forever.

Amber's face was a little itchy because of his touch. She grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand away from her face. "Well,

already noon. I'm hungry.

he was hungry or not. Hearing that she was hungry, he pulled her to

"I'll cook for

a hurry, Amber was amused


need you to cook. I've already done


the door and saw her, his attention was on her face all the time. He really

wearing this.

said, “I have cooked a lot of your favorite dishes. You can eat

specially made for you.”

for me?” Jared's eyes lit

course. My man is angry and sad. I have to coax him and cook his favorite food

wanted him to cheer up. She didn't want him to lose his mind

himself and give up

Jared held Amber tightly in his arms

nose hit his hard chest. !t hurt so much that her

a sound. Otherwise, this man would

her once

noticed by Jared, Amber raised her hand and gently rubbed the tip of

she finally let out a sigh

the man suddenly hugged her because the meal she

her to express

not say that he was moved and happy

as hugs and

fact, these direct expressions could also prove whether a person was really moved or

index finger and gently poked the man’s waist. “It's just a meal. You don't

do anything so moving,

a matter of fact, this man looked cold and ruthless and was usually

arrogant, powerful, and omnipotent.

knew that in private, especially in front of her, he

same time, he

easy to be moved

she knew very well that his heart was soft, not to others, but only to her, the person

eyes, he was the most

was why she fell in love with

his chin against her

me is moving.’

this. Well, let

patted him on

man reluctantly

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