Love Letters, Divorce Papers

Chapter 905 May Not Be Father And Daughter

Chapter 905 May Not Be Father And Daughter


“And then what? Did you hear from the police what was said between them?” Jared said quietly, pinching his nose.


Ben shook his head, “I'm sorry, Mr. Farrell, no. The policeman said when Connor Stockert arrived, he asked to see Alice

alone. The police couldn't let him get away with Alice, but Connor Stockert was also a big taxpayer. The police wouldn't say no to

his little request, so they don't know what they said when they met alone, but..””


“Just say it!” Jared scowled.


Ben coughed. He did not hesitate to go on, “One of the police officers who brought Connor Stockert to Alice did, however,

provide some surprising information about Stockert's attitude toward Alice, and Alice's attitude toward Stockert. He said they didn't

look like father and daughter, more like superiors and subordinates.”


"Oh?" Jared stopped his hand on the bridge of his nose and looked a little suspicious, “Superiors and subordinates?”


“That's what the officer said, but ! don't know, because I didn't see it.” Ben answered.


Jared rubbed his thumb a few times, “Did he elaborate on why they weren't like father and daughter, but like superiors and



“Yes.” Ben nodded, “He said that When Connor Stockert met Alice, there was no emotion or joy in his face. If he’s not happy,

he should be angry. After all, a father should be angry when his daughter did something this bad. But he didn't. Connor Stockert

was calm when he saw Alice, as if she is not his daughter, but someone unrelated”


"Well..” Jared lowered his eyes and murmured thoughtfully before asking again, “What about Alice?”


“Alice, too, did not look happy to see Connor Stockert. If they were a normal father and daughter, wouldn't she be thrilled to

see him come to her rescue? But Alice didn’t. When she saw Connor Stockert, she was horrified.”




Ben nodded, "Yeah, I double-checked, and the officer said she was scared. It was impossible for them, in their line of work,

who have met so many different people, to have misread that expression.”


Jared stopped talking because that was true.


It was not until sometime later that he spoke again, “Go on”


“Okay.” Ben continued, “Alice was afraid of Connor Stockert, and that fear was genuine. Police say Connor Stockert must

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