Chapter 855 Come For An Explanation

In the blink of an eye, the terrifying aura that enveloped Jared vanished without a trace. Surprise inundated Jared, and he swung his gaze at Leviathan.

At that very moment, Leviathan’s eyes were fixated intently on the ring on Jared’s finger. The only reason he stopped was that he saw the ring.

Seeing his expression right then, Jared frowned slightly, seemingly having thought of something or other. After all, Tommy and Phoenix wore the exact same expressions back when they saw his ring.

In no time, Leviathan gathered his wits about him. After that fleeting change in expression, he immediately regained his composure and said to Jared, “Since you’re Col’s friend, I’ll let it slide today. Come with me.”

His sudden change stunned both Josephine and Lizbeth. They initially thought that Jared would undoubtedly die that day, but Leviathan actually stopped short.

Likewise, Kristoff and Kenneth were surprised. Neither could surmise what exactly Leviathan was planning to do.

Nevertheless, Jared inwardly breathed a sigh of relief at Leviathan’s change. Hmm, perhaps my guess is correct.

“Let’s go, Josephine, Lizbeth,” he uttered to Josephine and Lizbeth.

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