Chapter 1035 Shakily Kissing Him

Bastien excitedly muttered, “Everything’s really fated!”

Then, as Bastien stared at the figure, an urge to run after the figure appeared in his head.

However, by the time he actually went after the figure, Natalie was already nowhere to be found in front of the restaurant.

Not wanting to give up, Bastien searched his surroundings, but his efforts were for naught.

Joseph, who had been following Bastien the entire time, said, “Mr. Nine, it’s likely that the woman has left the restaurant. I don’t think you’ll be able to find her anymore.”

Bastien inclined his head. “We have to keep looking for her.”

“I understand, Mr. Nine,” Joseph replied. “If she’s at Yaleview, then she’s within our search scope. It’ll be much easier to look for her here than in Chanaea.”

The night wind billowed the stray hair by Bastien’s forehead, but even those messy strands of hair could not hide the tenderness in his eyes.

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